starter kit 2.0


Our Premium Starter Kit is


  • Highly efficient and effective
  • Non-labelled and biodegradable according to the strict OECD 301 testing guideline – not harmful to people or nature
  • Cleaners are free from colourants, odorants and petroleum and are not tested on animals
  • Bottle and labels are made from the renewable green PE raw material sugar cane (1 t green PE stores up to 2.5 t CO2)
  • Complete system is robust and reusable
  • Made in Germany.

The full NEATFLOW range

It doesn’t get cleaner than this! The NEATFLOW Premium Starter Kit includes our incredibly effective NEATFLOW BEECH bike cleaner, THISTLE brake cleaner and DANDELION chain cleaner as a complete range.


As well as these ready-to-use bottles, you receive a high-quality and extremely robust 5-litre bucket, a NEATFLOW chain cleaning brush and one multi-purpose microfibre cloth. The chain cleaning brush has two fixed and flexible brush heads of different lenghts. So you can use the brush ideally to clean the chain, the rear sprocket and the rear derailleur.