ALL 3 NEATFLOW cleaners in one bundle

To experience the power of the new Neatflow cleaner beech, thistle and dandelion, we came up with a starter kit.

In the high quality and sturdy bucket (made in Germany) are a ready-to-use bottle with Neatflow bike cleaner “Beech”, the Neatflow brake cleaner “Thistle” as well as the chain-cleaner “Dandelion” included.

To achieve the perfect clean, we will also include a micro-fiber cloth.

The green and white Neatflow Bamboo is ideal for oily and greasy parts; the big blue Neatflow Superpole is extremely absorbing, so you can clean your bike in seconds.With the small blue Polishing & Glas you’ll be sure to keep a clear view, since it’s great for glasses.

With the Neatflow starter Kit, cleaning your bike will be done so fast, you’ll be free to chill and enjoy your iced drink in no time.


  • Cleaner ALL free of labeling: human and environmentally friendly

  • ALL product formulations tested according to guideline OECD 301 and ph-neutral

  • High quality reusable spray heads and pump pressure sprayer

  • 360° Usage >>>can be completely emptied

  • Green PE bottles >>> reusable

  • Vegan

  • Without animal experiments

  • Without fragrances, without solvents, without dyes

  • Made in Germany