Environmentally friendly, PH-level neutral, reusable

The NEATFLOW BEECH, THISTLE and DANDELION cleaners include extremely high quality and reusable spray nozzles, which ensure a precise and even application. The new 360-degree upside/down usage option ensures the complete emptying of contents. The body of the bottle is made of Green PE. The entire system (spray nozzle and bottle) is reusable and with the corresponding refill packs, designed to be environmentally sustainable.

The two new care products SUNDEW and COLTSFOOT are equally sustainable. Particular attention is paid to our 500ml economy pack bottle. It is made of Green-PE, which means the basic material of the bottle is made of a renewable
raw material (here sugar cane). The supplied dosing tip allows both oils to be precisely and economically

applied to the desired location of your bike.