Name : Antoine Buffart (BOULARD for the homies)

Year of birth: 1993

From: France

Main MTB Discipline: Enduro, Trials, Dirt jump and Freeride !!!


Favorite place to ride:

Chatel and Whistler or maybe Queenstown :)

Also supported by:

Scott, Loose Riders, Reverse Components, Sr Suntour,

Onza, Sensus, BOX, TRP

Always on the run.

I am Antoine Buffart - probably better known by my homies under the notorious name "Boulard"! I am 24 years old and actually like to ride my bike almost everywhere, so I always discover new  and exciting places around the world. I come from France and live in the Alps in the city of Annecy. From now on I have the opportunity to drive for NEATFLOW as well,

which makes me more than happy!

NEATFLOW Nico Reuter