High environmental compatibility

GS plastic engineering, in close cooperation with the company ecoparc concepts, is going for a high compatibility for users, the environment, as well as your mountain bike, with their new cleaning and care products, that are especially designed for MTB-drivers (all categories). With this new line of products from the NEATFLOW series, your bike can be cleaned and groomed to the highest standards. All while maintaining a maximum environmental compatibility and completely safe for the users.


Entirely, “made in Germany" by GS, all NEATFLOW products (tested by OECD301) are non-hazardous and because of that, are absolutely safe to use and environmentally friendly, manufactured vegan without animal testing, odoriferous substances, solvents or colorants. By doing so, we can ensure that our cleaner isn't just great for the environment but also for bike and rider, and currently absolutely unique in the MTB- sector.

The NEATFLOW cleaners all include extremely high quality and reusable spray nozzles, which ensure a precise and even result. The new 360-degree upside/down usage option ensures the complete emptying of contents. The body of the bottle is made from Green PE. The entire system (spray nozzle and bottle) is reusable and with the corresponding refill packs, designed to be environmentally sustainable.




Sustainability is our top priority! The crude oil needed to produce plastics is becoming scarcer and more expensive from year to year. At the same time, energy costs for production are also increasing. Sooner or later, therefore, every single plastic product will be more expensive. Does not it therefore make sense to use the commodity liquid atomizer more than once? Should not the protection of our environment also play a role in our economic activities?


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